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Derailed is the first part of seventeenth episode of the show "My Big Big Friend".


Lili was at her house with Nessa.

"I'm going to walk outside." Lili said.

"Can I come with you?" Nessa asked.

"You can wait for me to walk back into the house." Lili replied.

With that, she walked out of her house.

As she was walking, she saw a house that looked like her house.

When she walked into the house, she saw that Nessa was there but she was purple, not pink. There was another girl that looked like Lili, but she wore pink glasses. She was wearing a pink dress and pink shoes. She wore a yellow crown on her head. She was wearing pink earrings and a pink necklace. She wore a pink bracelet. She was wearing pink gloves and underneath the glove on her left hand, she wore a pink magic ring on her middle finger. She had the same hair colour as Lili. Lili decided to speak to her.

"Who are you?" Lili asked.

"I'm Evil Lili. Who are you?" Evil Lili asked.

"My name is Lili." Lili replied.

"Are you a friend of Evil Nessa?" Evil Lili asked.

"I'm a friend of Nessa who is nice to me." Lili replied.

"You're a friend of Nessa who is nice of you?" Evil Nessa asked.

"Get Lili!" Evil Lili shouted.

Evil Lili and Evil Nessa chased Lili out of the house. Lili ran away as fast as she could to get away from the girls. She hid behind a tree. When she ran out from behind it, she saw that Evil Lili and Evil Nessa were gone.

Lili saw a lemon tree right beside her. She walked over to the lemon tree and ate three lemons. The lemons turned out to be poisonous and yellow spots appeared on Lili's face. Lili spat the lemons out.

"I don't want to do that again." She said.

Lili walked back inside of the house. To her surprise, Evil Nessa and Evil Lili were there.

"I thought that I lost you. Why did you walk back into the house when I was hiding behind a tree?" Lili asked.

"Because we decided to stop being evil and have lunch with you." Evil Lili replied.

Lili, Evil Nessa and Evil Lili sat down to have lunch together. When Evil Nessa and Evil Lili were finished having their lunch, they sat down in front of Lili.

"What would you like to have for lunch?" Evil Nessa asked to Lili.

"I would like to have cake, ice cream and pie." Lili replied.

When Lili was finished having her lunch, she walked into her bedroom in her mansion. Lili got into the bed and fell asleep.

When she woke up, she got out of her bed and walked out of the bedroom. Lili walked out of the house and saw Evil Lili and Evil Nessa waiting for her. A plane was beside them.

"We will take you back to your house." Evil Lili said.

Lili got into the plane with the girls. The plane flew away from the other house and landed beside Lili's house. Lili got out of the plane. Evil Lili and Evil Nessa flew back to the other house. Lili walked into her house and saw Nessa waiting for her.

"Nessa, I will let you come with me on one of my adventures." Lili said.

Lili and Nessa walked into Lili's bedroom and looked out the window. Lili was thinking about her adventure that she had with Evil Nessa and Evil Lili. She thought that one day, she would let Nessa come with her to the other house.

The end.


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