Written here is the full transcript for the episode "Derailed".

(Lili is at her house with Nessa.)

Lili: I'm going to walk outside and enjoy the warm light. Stay here Nessa. I will be right back.

(Lili walks out of her house. It is cold outside.)

Lili: I need to wear something to keep me warm.

(Lili walks back into her house, runs upstairs into her bedroom and puts on a pink jacket. She didn't care to zip it up. Lili walks downstairs and runs out of her house.)

(Lili didn't watch where she is going and falls into a hole. It was dark. She thought that she would be landing on the bottom, but instead she is falling through the air. Then she falls into a river. Lili gets out of the water.)

Lili: Where am I?

(She looks around and saw a grapefruit tree right next to her. Lili walks over to the grapefruit tree. She knocked a grapefruit off of the tree and ate it. The grapefruit was so sour that her face turned yellow. She spat the grapefruit out.)

Lili: I don't want to eat those!

(She saw Evil Nessa walk up to her.)

Evil Nessa: I stopped being evil, but Evil Lili is still an evildoer. She is looking for a feather duster that she is going to tickle me with. You have to prevent her from tickling me!

(Evil Nessa walks into her house. Lili hears a voice and turns around to see Evil Lili standing beside her.)

Evil Lili: I thought that I took you back to your house! Now as your punishment, you will have to win a game of tickling!

Lili: A game of tickling? You can tickle me!

Evil Lili: If you win the game, then you will get to stay at Evil Nessa's house. If you lose the game, then you will have to walk back to your house.

(Lili tickles Evil Lili. Evil Lili jumps on top of Lili and tickles her. Lili starts to laugh. Evil Lili stops the tickling.)

Evil Lili: You lost the game! Now you will have to walk back to your house!

Lili: I'm not ready to walk back to my house yet.

Evil Lili: Well now I will do something evil to you!

(Her ring turns bright pink and pink sparkles make a circle around Lili. Lili sinks down through the floor until she disappears completely. Evil Lili walks away, laughing evilly. Lili appears in a cave that is full of magic rings.)

Lili: How did I get here?

(She looks around and realizes that there is no one in the cave, except for her.)

Lili: I'm the only one in the cave.

(Lili hears a voice and saw Evil Nessa standing right next to her.)

Evil Nessa: I will get you out of this cave!

(She grabs two magic rings and puts one ring on her finger and the other one on Lili's finger. The rings turn white and white sparkles make a circle around Evil Nessa and Lili. They disappear from the cave and appear outside of Evil Nessa's house. Evil Lili suddenly appears.)

Evil Lili: I thought that I made you disappear through the floor!

(She suddenly grabbed Lili's arm and used her magic ring to make both of them disappear through the floor.)

Evil Nessa: No! Don't!

(It was no use. They have already disappeared. Lili and Evil Lili appeared on the rock in a cave with lasers around it.)

Evil Lili: This is your punishment for getting out of the cave with magic rings!

Lili: Where are we?

Evil Lili: I'm not going to tell you! Now we will play a game to see if my pink ring or your white ring is more powerful!

Lili: A game to see if my white ring or your pink ring is more powerful? How can I play that? My white ring is almost out of sparkles!

Evil Lili: You will have to play this game with it! Now we will release the sparkles to see if my ring or your ring is more powerful!

(The girl releases pink sparkles from her ring at Lili. Lili successfully avoids them. She jumps down and grabs the girl's foot. Lili swings her around and throws her at a laser. Evil Lili falls back on the rock and stands up.)

Evil Lili: Your ring won't be powerful at all!

(A laser suddenly hits her, causing the girl to fall to the ground. Her pink bracelet falls off of her wrist.)

Lili: I will pick up that bracelet!

Evil Lili: Don't!

(Lili already picked up the bracelet and a pink light makes them disappear from the cave and appear outside of Evil Nessa's house. Evil Lili takes the bracelet from Lili's hand and puts it back on her wrist.)

Evil Lili: I will do something really evil to you now!

(She pulls out a red magic ring and points it at Lili. Evil Lili releases a red light from the ring, causing Lili to be lifted off of the ground and into the air. The red light quickly causes Lili to hit her head on a tree, knocking her out cold. When Lili wakes up, she saw that everything looked big.)

Lili: Why is everything so big?

Evil Lili: Everything is really big because you're really small now.

(Evil Lili walks away and laughs evilly.)

Lili: I have to prevent Evil Nessa from getting tickled!

(Lili gets up and saw a yellow magic ring on the ground. She picks it up and puts it on her finger. A yellow light makes Lili grow back to her normal size.)

Lili: That ring made me grow back to my normal size!

(The ring releases yellow sparkles. They made a circle around Lili, lifted her up into the air and spun her around. When the sparkles disappeared, Lili was wearing a spy outfit.)

Lili: I'm an undercover agent!

(Lili falls into a river. She gets out of the water.)

Lili: My new spy outfit is all wet! It will get dry after a minute.

(Lili's spy outfit gets dry.)

Lili: Now I will prevent Evil Nessa from getting tickled!

(She walks into a plane that was beside her. Lili pressed a button that looked like that it would turn the plane on, but instead a cloth that was full of water was thrown at her face. She quickly removed it.)

Lili: I will press another button.

(She presses another button, but a cloth of water falls on her head. The girl quickly removed it.)

Lili: That button didn't work either.

(She presses one more button, but a cloth of water is thrown on her legs. Lili quickly removed it.)

Lili: This plane is full of cloths with liquid in them!

(Lili presses a button, but this time it turns the plane on. The plane flew through the air and landed in front of Evil Nessa's house. Lili enters the house and saw Evil Nessa strapped to a bed. She walks over to the bed to untie her. Evil Lili appears.)

Evil Lili: Stop right there Lili!

(Lili screams.)

Evil Lili: If you want to untie Evil Nessa, then you will have to play the game that we were going to play earlier to see if my ring or your ring is more powerful!

(Lili tries to make the white ring release a white light but the ring is out of sparkles.)

Evil Lili: My red magic ring and my pink magic ring are more powerful than your white ring and yellow ring!

(She releases red sparkles from her red magic ring and they make a circle around Lili. Her yellow ring and spy outfit disappeared. When the sparkles disappeared, Lili was only wearing her white ring and her pink jacket. Evil Lili laughed evilly and removed Lili's white ring before throwing it into the river.)

Evil Lili: Now you're only wearing your jacket!

Lili: Now as your punishment for removing my yellow ring, my white ring and my new spy outfit, you will be-

Evil Lili: Evil Nessa is the one that is trapped!

Evil Nessa: Throw the feather duster into the river Lili!

(Lili quickly takes the feather duster from Evil Lili's hand and throws the feather duster into the river. She unties Evil Nessa from the bed. Evil Lili is locked up in her room by Lili.)

Evil Lili: Open the door! I want to walk out of my room!

Lili: You're not going to walk out of your room until you tell me that you will give me my spy outfit back!

Evil Lili: I will give your spy outfit back to you!

(Lili opens the door to Evil Lili's room and Evil Lili walks out. Evil Lili releases pink sparkles from her pink magic ring and they make a circle around Lili. When the sparkles disappear, Lili is wearing her spy outfit again. Lili walks out of the house and climbs out of the hole that she fell into earlier. She walks back into her house where Nessa is waiting for her.)

The end.

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