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Descent to the Downstairs is a season 1 episode from the show My Big Big Friend. It is the second part of the tenth episode from that season.


Yuri's dad sends the small boy to the basement to fetch a bucket, reassuring him that "there is nothing to be afraid of". Being anything but reassured, Yuri asks Golias, Matt, Lili, Nessa, and Bongo to come with him, warning them that the basement was "weird" and any attempts to make it normal only fills it with "weird and scary stuff". Opening the door and going downstairs, it is revealed how weird the basement is in Yuri's eyes: it is mostly a white void that is hard to move around in (which the group dubs "Nothing"), and that they have to use the words of Yuri's dad, "There's Nothing To Be Afraid Of", as a survival chant in order to make the floor, walls, and everything else that is really downstairs reappear, revealing to the group how safe and fun the basement truly is when one is willing to explore it.




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