When Hazel charms Treble back into an egg, the charmers must re-hatch her.

Hazel: Seven and Flare, you two stay at the charm house while we're out tonight. We will see you in the morning.

Treble: (Hoots.)

Posie: Treble, you will sing with me at the concert tonight.

Hazel: We should pack the alarm clock too, just in case we fall asleep.

Treble went over to the alarm clock just as Hazel was using her wand to make it fly over to the bag.

Lavender: Treble, no!

The alarm clock went off and sent a spinning Treble back in time.

Treble: (Hoots.)

Treble turned into an egg and fell into the bag.

Lavender lifted Egg Treble out of the bag and held it in her arms like she would hold a baby. She had a worried look on her face.

Hazel: No! Because of the magic dust on the clock, I charmed Treble to go back in time to when she was an egg!

Lavender: No worries, Hazel. Let's crack her out of the egg!

Posie: No! My poor Treble! I wanted her to sing with me!

Hazel: Treble never misses her note. Besides, she is way too young to be out of the egg.

Lavender: What we need to do, is go back in time to when she was an owl.

Hazel: I think I've had enough magic for now.

Posie: Then all we need to do is wait for her to hatch on her own.

Lavender: You're right.

Hazel: You don't mean that, do you? That could take way too much time!

Lavender: I don't know what to do then.

Posie: Let's give it a try. We will wait 1 hour for her to hatch on her own. If she doesn't hatch in 1 hour, then we will crack her out of the egg, even though she could die from being out of her egg too early.

They waited for 1 hour and Treble still hasn't hatched yet.

Lavender: Treble is still in her egg, so let's crack her out!

Posie: Give Egg Treble to me!

Posie took Egg Treble from Lavender and slowly broke the egg open.