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Hippo-licious is a season 1 episode from the show My Big Big Friend. It is the first part of the second episode from that season.


Matt's favorite dinner is meatloaf but, even though that's on the menu, his dad ruins his appetite by also serving cooked spinach and not letting the boy leave the table until he's had at least one bite of the green stuff because "you can't say you don't like something if you won't try it". Eager to get back to their soccer game, and noticing the holding-your-nose trick didn't work, Bongo suggests the best way to solve this problem is if the two of them were hippos for a while, because hippos have big mouths: "one bite and the spinach is gone". Even as a hippo, though, Matt still refuses to even try yucky vegetables until he and Bongo get trapped in a fast-growing spinach jungle, and realizes that the only way to escape and get back home in time for a soccer game is to graze his way out... like it or not.




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