Written here is the full transcript for the episode "Hippo-licious".

Matt: whoo-hoo.he moves it this way he moves it that way.he's the latest soccer player ever.go Matt,go Matt,go Matt.he's at the time.matt the latest soccer player ever is gonna score a goal on-.

Bongo: bongo the world's greatest goalie I'm ready I'm ready I'm really ready ready.

Matt: yes yes.

Bongo: yes.

Matt: aw not again.

Bongo: huh did I tell you that you can't score through a kangaroo.whoo whoo another point for me.

Matt: where's the's in your pouch.

Bongo: it is it is that's 2 points for me

Matt: no way.

Matt's mom: Matt matt time for dinner.

Matt: aw.

Matt's mom: dad made your favorite meatloaf.

Matt: awesome.

Matt's mom: (laughs).

Matt: you coming.

Bongo: naw I wanna to practice my kangaroo super duper moves.

Matt: okay after dinner we'll start counting points for real.

Bongo: wait a minute all my points are for real.

Matt: hooray matt.hooray Matt.hooray Matt.

Matt's dad: here you go Matt.

Matt: what is that.

Matt's mom: it's spinach.

Matt: spinach I hate spinach.

Matt's dad: how come if you don't like it if you never even try it.