Written here is the full transcript for the episode "Stickers".

Lili: (Sees her rose sticker on a pink bush.) There is is! (She runs and trips on a branch.)ow whoa off.

Nessa: (gasps)Lili!

Lili: (Sees Nessa's wrecked flowers.) Oh No.

Nessa: Are you okay?do you have a boo boo?

Lili: I'm okay.

Nessa: phew Where are my flowers?

Lili: They're right here. (Uncovers the mess revealing that the flowers are completely wrecked.)

Nessa: My pretty flowers and leaves! They're wrecked!

Lili: No no their still okay.(fixed the leaf)see.(it crumpled into pieces)

Nessa: (sniffs).

Lili: oh Nessa I'm sorry I didn't mean too I just fell.

Nessa: (sighs)that's okay.

Lili: are you mad at me.

Nessa: nuh nuh.

Lili: (gasps)really but I ruined your flowers.

Nessa: you didn't mean was an accident.friends don't stay mad at each other when an accident happens.

Lili: oh thank you Nessa you're my best friend in the whole wide world.oh no.

Nessa: what your not my best friend in the-.

Lili: (interrupts her)of course you are.except i wasn't a good friend to Matt.he didn't mean to lost my sticker.that was an accident too.c'mon Nessa we're going back.

Nessa: but what about the rose?don't you want to see it?i mean smell it?

Lili: no there's something else I wanna do instead.

Nessa: hey wait for me.

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