Written here is the full transcript for the episode "That's My Spot".

Ms carol: okay class it's story time.

All: (cheering).

Lili: story time my favorite oops.

Boys: laughing.

Lili: Nessa can you put this doll back please.

Nessa: okay.

Lili: hey that's my spot.

Ms carol: that spot's taken please find somewhere else to sit down Lili.

Lili: but-.

Yuri: you can sit with us if you want lili.there's a spot right here.

Lili: okay but that's still my spot.

Ms carol: let's go under the sea and makes some new friends who will we meet first?a clownfish.isn't it pretty it'll make you laugh if that's your wish.

Lili: I can't see it.

Yuri: what's wrong Lili.

Lili: this spot stinks.

Matt: what this is the best spot.

Lili: but it's so hard to see.

Yuri: I can see fine but if your in the back you can't go like this to see the pictures.

Matt: plus we're first in line for snacks later.

Lili: so what.i want a spot where I can see anything up close.

Matt: but all the spots up front are taken.

Lili: then I'm going to place where I can see all the fish better than once in the book.

Matt: we want to go to.

Lili: does anyone else what to go.

Yuri: I will.

Matt: so am I.

Bongo: you betcha.

Nessa: wait for me.

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